Your pet's well-being is our primary concern. We have established the following requirements:

  • All dogs and cats must be current (within 12 months) on the following vaccinations:

    • Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis (dogs only), and Bordetella.
      These will be updated as needed at the owner's expense.

  • All animals must be free from internal (worms) and external (fleas and ticks) parasites, demonstrated with a negative fecal exam or broad-spectrum dewormer within 12 months.

    • Infected animals will be treated at the owner's expense.

*Vaccines and deworming are not required for rabbits, reptiles, rodents, birds, and other exotic/pocket pets.

Animals will be admitted and discharged only during regular office hours.

*There is no pick-up on Sundays or holidays when the practice is closed.

In case of illness:

We will always try to contact you should your pet become sick/injured while boarding. Be aware that your pet's diet may have varied while away from home. They may have barked at other animals, or the temperature and humidity may have been slightly different from your home. These can create problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis, or diarrhea. We seek to prevent such problems, but you must understand that these problems do develop from time to time.

*Owners will be charged appropriate fees for all treatment and medication needed for any medical conditions that may arise.

In addition to vaccines, your pet's records will also need to show either a negative fecal screening or a dewormer administered by your vet in the past year. Many vaccine records do not show these, so please make sure that your pet's records do.

Please have your veterinarian email your pet's records to: or have them faxed to (615) 896-9503.

Please list any other people we should contact regarding your pet's care and treatment if we are unable to reach you.

If you have any medical concerns for your pet that you would like for a doctor to address, we can arrange for your pet to be seen during their stay. You will be charged the full price for this exam as well as for any additional treatment you consent to.

While your pet is boarding, we can provide any of the following spa services for an additional charge. Please note that spa pricing is largely dependent on the size of your pet. The Deluxe Bath will be discounted depending on the length of your pet’s stay, but other services are not.

All baths/grooms include:

  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • anal sac expression (with grooming/kennel staff)
  • brushing
  • blow dry
  • perfume (optional)
  • bandana (optional)

While boarding, you may request for your pet to receive 15 minutes of additional playtime/TLC. Playtimes are not offered on holidays, Sundays, or when the hospital is closed for business.