What Every Pet Parent Needs to Know About Dental Health

Treating and preventing dental, or periodontal, disease is one of the best ways to improve your pet’s quality and length of life. Preventing the kidney, liver, and heart issues associated with advanced dental disease can potentially add years to your pet’s life. Here’s what you need to know about dental health for your pet: What [...]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Pet with Preventive Care

While most pet owners believe that wellness care consists largely of their pet “getting shots,” preventive medicine is more than vaccinating against disease. We believe that vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s health-care plan, but they are only one small component of what our Total Wellness for Life Plans can do for your [...]

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Is Your Pet Stressed from the Holidays? 5 Tips to Help Banish that Humbug Spirit

As the holidays draw near, the pressure mounts to do it all—decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree, buy the perfect gift, and cook the juiciest turkey. Friends and neighbors stop by unexpectedly to share cookies and other goodies. At work, deadlines loom as the year winds down. All that pressure creates serious stress, which your [...]

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A Tale of Terror: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holiday Season

As we get older, we become wiser after learning from our mistakes. One mistake many pet owners make is including their furry companions in their holiday festivities, without thinking how to make the celebration pet-friendly. Although pets are part of the family and we want to include them, holiday hazards abound for our four-legged friends. [...]

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Cats Need Care, Too: The Importance of Regular Feline Wellness Visits

Braving the travel battle with your cat for her annual wellness visit with your veterinarian is on par with attempting to medicate a ninja cat. Bringing your dog to our hospital for routine care is likely simpler than handling your feisty feline, but cats need regular care, too. In fact, wellness visits are more important [...]

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