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Our Facility

Welcome to Animal Care!
A front view of the hospital, as seen from New Salem Hwy. (Hwy. 99).
Rainy days are never a hassle with our convenient, covered drive-up entry.
Parking? No problem. As you can see behind the handicap parking signs, our feline Spa guests often take interest in seeing who pulls up for a visit.
The reception desk in our lobby. How may we help you today?
How about a new toy, bone or treat for your furry or feathered friend? Pet supplies are available in the lobby, adjacent to the reception desk.
Our pet supplies include the full line of Purina Veterinary and Wellness Diets.
”Rusty” shows his preference for our stock of Science Diet Veterinary and Wellness food.
Also located within the lobby area, our Client Convenience Center provides visitors, well...every convenience: sink access, pet water bowls, phone and internet access, as well as refreshments and fresh-baked cookies for pet owners.
Just off the lobby, little ones find a lot to do in our Kids' Zone, featuring artwork by a local artists (who's also a client). Parents can keep a close watch on closed-curcuit TV from any of the exam rooms. This area is gated for safety and to prevent an
Cats and their owners often prefer a little privacy from other pets when they visit. We created this separate, enclosed area especially for them, right outside out Cat Corner where our cat-only exam rooms are located.
Cat owners and their loved ones find the "Cat Corner", an area designated exclusively for them to be purr-fect!
One of our cat exam rooms, complete with laminate flooring for a warmer feel.
A typical canine exam room, featuring a combination lift table and scale for large dogs, as well as an x-ray box, MedRx capability and a wall-mounted TV for client education.
This is our Client Education/Comfort Room, just off the lobby.
Our Client Education/Comfort room also serves as place where clients can enjoy privacy and comfort during pet euthanasias.
The Hospital Laboratory houses in-house diagnostic tools, such as our CBC machine, Vetscan blood chemistry equipment and Reflotron machine.
Animal Care technicians use the Hospital Laboratory for a number of diagnostic tests, inlcuding microscope work. A glass pass-through window enables us to transfer samples from the treatment area from the treatment area to the Hospital Labpratory easily.
The Hospital Pharmacy has two computer stations with label printers, making filling prescriptions a speedy and efficient process.
Having a sink in the pharmacy makes mixing compound medications and cleanup easy.
Our Treatment Area is among the largest spaces at Animal Care. Here, you can see a number of holding and recovery cages for surgery and ICU, including an oxygen cage.
Wet/dry treatment tables with sinks are exceptionally useful, as are the cord reels for clippers, which hang from above, out of the way.
Our surgical Suite is large enough for two doctors to operate simultaneously. Exterior windows welcome in natural light from the outside. The smaller window to the right enables clients to view surgical procedures from our Hospital Laboratory.
Our x-ray machine, processing unit, strage unit and ultrasound machine are housed together in one room
When pets need constant nursing or other critical care, we house them in our ICU Ward, located directly off the lobby. The all-glass front provides clients a clear view from the treatment area.
Three runs housed in a separate room off the treament area offer close monitoring of larger pets, as they awaken in comfort from surgical procedures.
The Dental Nook within the treatment area has a stainless teel tub table and an IM3 dentistry machine.
When pets have contagious disease like parvo, we house them in our Isolation Ward. This area is accessible only from outside the hospital to decrease the possibility of contamination and odor. Two cages and runs (not shown here) provide a comfortable spac
The Grooming Area is located at the front of Animal Care so that pets being groomed have fewer distractions.
Two tubs and eight drying cagesare in our Bathing Area. We have an additional eight cages and a shower stall for bathing large dogs (not pictured).
In our Canine Boarding Area, there are small, medium and large cages located adjacent to the Treatment and Bathing Areas so that boarded dogs can be well-monitored at all times.
Three of our nine Canine Boarding runs.
A view of our private Canine Luxury Suites.
Guests boarding in our Canine Luxury Suites have their own fleece bed, window and TV tuned to their favorite show!
Feline Boarding is right off the Cat Corner so that clients can see inside. Each ”Cat Condo” has side-to-side and up-down openings for when clients request one or more adjoining room for their pets.
Each Cat Condo features a fleece bed, resting shelf and window view of the outside garden and bird feeders.
Boarding for birds and other exotics is along the same corridor where the doctor's offices are located, away from dogs and cats, but in an area frequented by Animal Care staff.
With a medical library and room for four desks, doctor's offices are spacious enough to accommodate private client conferences.