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Total Wellness for cats.

Because cats age four to seven years for every human year, we recommend that cats visit us every six months for a physical examination, although we certainly encourage more frequent wellness checkups in order to get a better sense for how to help manage your pet’s past, present and future health. These exams involve a handful of tests and a routine check of your cat’s vision and hearing as well as his or her heart, lung, joint and muscle functions. Every visit helps us establish a baseline level of your pet’s health and provide your cat better treatment at every stage of life.

New to Animal Care? Save yourself a few minutes on your first visit by downloading and completing a New Patient Welcome Form to bring with you.

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Our care is customized to your cat’s needs with services such as:
  • Preventive and emergency medical/surgical care
  • Basic and advanced dental care
  • Life stage screenings
  • Early disease detection and prevention
  • Breed-specific recommedations
  • Individualized vaccinations
  • Senior care
  • Advanced pain management
  • Weight management
  • Behavioral issues


If your cat is experiencing pain or illness that you believe should be addressed immediately, give us a call, and, depending on the condition, we can often recommend what your next steps should be by phone.


Happy teeth. Happy pet. This is very true for cats, as dental disease is among the most common feline health issues. Early diagnosis is important, so we encourage all cat owners to schedule a dental evaluation and develop an oral health plan for your pet that best ensures good health and longevity. Call today to schedule an appointment with us.

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We can address a range of feline dental issues, including:
  • Loose, broken or misaligned teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Root abscess
  • Many other oral traumas


Surgery is only an option after every alternative has been explored. As such, we do our best to ensure that you, as a pet owner, are informed about every detail involved and that the process is as minimally invasive as possible. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge care, our experienced, board-certified specialists can help prevent many diseases and detect others early enough to successfully manage or reverse them.

View some of the surgical services we provide.
Our surgical services include:
  • Digital radiology and ultrasound units
  • Laser surgery
  • MedRx® video imagings
  • Microchipping